The Delightful-Sounding Sunflower 那歌唱的向日葵



作者: 9A 陳喬君 Candy Chen


簡介  (Short description)

In the original design, the sunflower was coded to rotate solely based on the movement of light, which mimics the movement of sunlight. As this is a sunflower, sunlight has a huge effect on its growth in movement. Therefore, I altered the coding so that there are certain periods of time when the sunflower rotates in a dysfunctional way when undergoing too much light exposure, as too much of anything can cause a negative effect (too much sunlight will cause any flower to die). While the sunflower is functioning properly, I have also added a speaker/horn, playing a delightful tone in the background while the sunflower is rotating.

Now, why would I want to add a speaker playing in the background, as well as making the sunflower dysfunction when under too strong light? The purpose of the sunflower is to mimic the “growth” (or movement, in this case), and no sunflower will continue to grow infinitely. When the sunflower dysfunctions, the action symbolizes how even sunflowers can experience death, a normal part of the cycle of life. As for the horn, often individuals associate sunflower as a positive symbol for hope and light, so the delightful tone further emphasizes this phenomenon. In my final product, the horn is camouflaged as the sun, implying to readers how this is a sunflower.


改作來源 (Origin)

My project idea came from Arduino Project Hub, and from this particular website.


修改的內容 (Altered coding)

When looking at my final produced Sunflower compared to the original coded Sunflower on the website, changes in aesthetic, function, and degree of rotation alters. In the original sunflower, the servo motor is not disguised, and therefore affecting the overall aesthetic. To prevent the same situation from occurring to my sunflower, I hid the servo motor with a different-colored paper, as well as gluing “leaves” on the sunflower stem. I have also added a firm base on the bottom of the servo motor, disguised as leaves in order to make the aesthetic better and make sure the weight of the sunflower is supported. As for the function, instead of only rotating based on the light, I added a function to make sure the sunflower dysfunctions when too much light is shining on the photoresistors. Moreover, as described previously, a speaker is added to emphasize the happiness a sunflower normally represents, making the sunflower-rotating process look more entertaining for the audience. Last but not least, while the original rotating degrees only go to 90 degrees, I have increased my degree of rotation to 180, as the servo motor I used, in particular, can withstand this rotation.


程式碼 (Coding) 


材料清單 (Materials List)

The materials I used throughout this experiment involves one servo motor, 2 photoresistors, an Arduino Leonardo, different-colored straws, cardboard, one glue gun, and jumper wires. Since I already have the majority of materials, I only had to purchase materials helping with decoration by going to stores near where I live.


製作步驟 (Procedure)

My procedure is represented in the detail images as well as underneath, which not only shows my final product but also shows the steps and schematics needed to complete my sunflower. From the images, individuals could see how much development occurred throughout the project: from a bag of straws and some paper into a uniquely displayed sunflower.

A glue gun will be needed to complete any gluing during the process.


To disguise this horn, cut out a circular shaped yellow paper and draw a sun on the paper. After completed, glue the circular piece onto the horn; your horn is now the “sun”!


The use of glued cardboard increased the stability of the sunflower, giving the flower more of a visual appeal.


Different-colored straws are cut and glued on, depicting the seeds and petals of the sunflower. Not only can this increase the sunflower’s texture, but the cut-out straws also imitates a real sunflower.


Both sides of the cardboard flower should be glued with cut-out straws. Therefore, when the sunflower rotates, both sides would have visual appeal instead of one mere side.


“Leaves” are hot-glued around the servo motor to improve aesthetics. This puts in usage to disguise the servo motor, making the motor look similar to the base if a plant pot.


The above depicts the schematics for the original sunflower without the horn. To add a horn, search up the schematics used to work as horn either on a Leonardo or Uno board.


The final product should come out similar to the image above, with the red paper underneath added to improve the sunflower’s overall aesthetics.


成果展示 (Project) 

Above is the link to my Arduino video, posted onto YouTube for individuals interested in this topic to explore.



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    • 簡述
      Sunflowers. They often depend on the sun to survive right? Yes; but be careful, as too much sunlight can cause the sunflower to dysfunction. This project not only mimics the life of a sunflower but will also play a delightful tune in the background (when the sunflower is not dysfunctioning) to represent what sunflowers truly symbolize: happiness. Therefore, if you want to make the symbol of happiness, yet being realistic about life's cycle (seen through its occasional dysfunctions under too much light exposure), this is the perfect project for you.
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